Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance for rolling stock

matériel roulant

Achieving higher availability and reliability for rolling stock

With many years working side-by-side with rolling stock operators and railway subsystems manufacturers, we have acquired a deep understanding of their daily challenges. Achieving much higher availability and reliability levels of rolling stock and its components is our main concern, as yours.

Our railway IoT solution rely on 3 pillars: wireless and battery powered industrial sensors, wireless communications, and a software platform with AI capabilities at each level. With a modular approach, generic and off-the-shelf IoT devices, we can address a lot of different use cases, delivering them in a minimum time period for rapid deployment and return-on-investment.

We help you take a step forward toward condition-based and predictive maintenance for your rolling stock.

rolling stock maintenance

Benefits of our solutions

données ferroviaires en temps réel

Collect real-time data in operating conditions.

solution IoT ferroviaire

Easy implementation with wireless, autonomous, cable-free and non-intrusive IoT devices.

coût maintenance ferroviaire

Increase your visibility on failures-to-come to minimize maintenance costs and improve service availability.

durée de vie assets ferroviaires

Extend your systems lifetime. Reduce life-cycle costs.

service ferroviaire

Complement your offering to enhance value for customers.

They already trust us

Examples of use cases

surveillance température de rail

IoT rail compressor monitoring solution

Remote, real-time monitoring of railway compressor and predictive maintenance to anticipate actions and reduce maintenance costs…

surveillance porte de train

Wireless real-time door monitoring in train

Guarantying the safety of passengers, optimizing maintenance, monitoring the status of doors remotely and scheduling interventions thanks to real data…

tension des caténaires

Battery voltage monitoring of rolling stock

Remote monitoring of the voltage level of the batteries to prevent their drainage and the associated consequences (deterioration, immobilization, etc.)…

Modular solution for infinite use cases

Our solutions portfolio

Discover below the building blocks of our modular solutions. Combined, they form a tailored and optimised answer to your rolling stock maintenance specific needs.

Oxygen Asset Management

From device management to visualisation and prediction, Oxygen Asset Management unlocks data’s potential and turn them into intelligent and actionable information.

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Railnode is Stimio's certified rail solution for collecting data and delivering them to Oxygen and business information systems.

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Railnet is our rail certified gateway to connect sensors and on-board equipment for rolling stock, already in operation or new ones.

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Oxygen end-to-end general overview

oxygen iot platform maintenance

Our value proposition

A generic and modular software-driven sensor system with Edge-ML capabilities to address a wide range of use cases

Enriched data integration into your EAM/ IT systems

Oxygen Application Studio to develop your own application in minimum time

A well-proven expertise with major infrastructure managers and operators

Oxygen Asset Management combining data analytics and AI-based prediction algorithms

A Return-on-investment between 6 to 24 months.


What is your concern about?

  • Rail Infrastructure maintenance
    Catenary temperature and tensioning, frost prediction, rail temperature and defects, etc.
  • Rolling stock maintenance
    Level monitoring (oil, waer, sand…), doors opening and closing, air pressure and hvac, pantograph lifting, battery voltage, etc.
  • Signaling systems maintenance
    Cable isolation drift monitoring, shunt sytems, turnouts abd switches, etc.
  • Others…




July, 10th 2023STIMIO is now STIMIO by CBMCBM Company a acquis la société Stimio en juillet 2023. CBM est une entreprise française de fabrication de pièces détachées automobiles. Créée en 1976 par le Groupe Verney, sous le nom de Cars & Bus Le Mans, l'entreprise...

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