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IoT embedded design made easy

Oxygen Application Studio

Slash your development costs and complexity. Focus on creating valuable data streams.

Low-code development platform

Oxygen Application Studio is an open low-code IIoT applications development framework that helps to develop embedded IoT applications in a reliable, fast and modular manner. Oxygen Application Studio (OAS) runs on a set of industrial-grade reference designs.

Industrial IoT suffers from a layered approach from sensor to cloud with an increasing complexity of distributed wireless low-power sensor systems that prevents scalability of projects.
Embedded software are too tightly coupled to hardware with very low reusability and any change requires huge resources of very skilled people.
Stimio solved the problem thanks to Oxygen.

Oxygen Application Studio is THE solution to accelerate IIoT adoption across industries.

Why using Oxygen Application Studio?

données ferroviaires en temps réel
Time to market x20 faster compared to an internal standard approach
Pictogram cost saving
Time to volume optimized with reduced hardware costs
données ferroviaires en temps réel
Concentrate yourself on the applicative layer and its business value
Pictogram flexibility scalability
It’s fast, reliable, proven, modular and open

Your benefits with Oxygen Application Studio

Time to market
We have been developing Oxygen Application Studio for many years. It has been our core answer to digitalisation for various industrial markets and thousands of deployments. When coding your application with our solution, you benefits from hundred of thousands of code lines and dozens of libraries.

Time to volume
Start developing IIoT application by using our reference designs. They are industrially proven, railway-certified and will help you slash your development period. Then you will be free to manage a design-to-cost strategy with our support and your requirements.

Invest in what matters most
Save valuable time and resources, concentrate yourself on the desired output application and its added value for your business. Benefit from a wide range of already coded libraries, ready to use and efficient.

Fast, reliable, modular and open
Radio and connectivity, sensors, device management, actions triggering and data sending, do everything much quicker without failing. Our hardware and software are already deployed and debugged and benefit from regular updates and upgrades. Embed you own legacy applications into our open system.

Industrial Reference Design as a starter kit. Accelerate your move towards deployment and revenues.

Oxygen Application Studio starter kit is designed to provide customer with all software and hardware elements to acquire autonomy and develop embedded applications with low effort, re-usability and scalability in mind.

What you get:

1. A theorical and practical workshop to understand the basics knowledge of using Oxygen Application Studio

2. A software framework

  • Easy to use APIs to directly access low level complex features
  • Dozens of librairies and drivers to handle radio, energy, positions, sensors, etc.

3. A working environment

  • Linux and Windows ready
  • A rich and complete documentation and setup script for installation of the IDE
  • Cross-compilation toolchains
  • Several robust and industry-grade certified reference designs from Stimio
  • An easy local access to generated data
  • A visualisation dashboard with export capabilities

Getting started

with Oxygen Application Studio


Schedule your demo!

Fill in the form below. We will get back to you very shortly to discuss your needs, present you OAS and prepare a custom training for you and your team.


Training phase

A 2-days custom training will allow your team to discover Oxygen Application Studio, design build and deploy industrial IoT application under our supervision and support.

1 to 3 months

Evaluation period

Explore the power of OAS, design, build and deploy your own and valuable applications, play with your data and start thinking bigger!


Deploy at scale

Fly on your own, deploy at scale your output applications using our reference designs or even your own.

Main features

Pictogram sensor
Embedded & external sensors framework
Pictogram calendar
Event manager and sensor scheduler
Pictogram transmission
Multi-Wireless communications
Pictogram geolocation
Advanced Positioning
Pictogram battery
Power consumption always optimized

Partners & Technologies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s unique about Oxygen Application Studio?

Hundreds of thousand of code lines well-organized in libraries are the result of hundreds of weeks from our programming team. And guess what, this is what you get! Start in a minute, stay focus on your own application and get rid of embedded software complexity. Oxygen Application Studio is THE unique low-code IIoT applications development framework in the market to develop in minimum time your IIoT application.

What are Stimio’s reference designs?

They are a set of industrial sensors, railway certified and powered by long-lasting Lithium batteries (up to 10 years autonomy). They include short range (BLE) and long-range communication (LoraWan, LTE-M, NB-IOT, 2G) with internal sensors & external connectors capabilities (to add industrial wired sensors). Stimio’s reference designs are based on our Railnode core products. See the brochure here

Which are internal sensors, MCUs, modems and external sensors supported?

For internal sensors, MCUs and modems on Stimio’s reference designs, contact us using the form below to receive the list. We are also working on adding new sensors and modems on a regular basis. Our system is open and allows you to develop your own drivers.

For external sensors, basically, any M12 external industrial sensors can be supported.

Can I use my own hardware?

For a quick development and deployment, we strongly recommend the use of our reference designs. After proving the value of your output application, you can then adapt the design for better integration and cost savings. We have a business model to serve this.

Which are the connectivity technologies supported?

To date, Oxygen Application Studio supports LoraWan, LTE-M, NB-IOT, 2G communication networks, BLE and Wi-Fi sniffing. You want your innovative technology to be part of Oxygen Application Studio? Contact us!


Where can I find your full documentation?

We can send you a PDF sample showing how our documentation is organized and well-documented: fill in the form below and ask for it. The full documentation is made available after a subscription.


What about plans and pricing?

We have several pricing plans, from a one-month-evaluation period to an unlimited time use. Get in touch with us to define which plan fits your needs.

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July, 10th 2023STIMIO is now STIMIO by CBMCBM Company a acquis la société Stimio en juillet 2023. CBM est une entreprise française de fabrication de pièces détachées automobiles. Créée en 1976 par le Groupe Verney, sous le nom de Cars & Bus Le Mans, l'entreprise...

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