Predictive maintenance and optimised operations solutions for railway

Reliable rolling stock on a secure network. Get the most out of your railway fleet and infrastructure by using Stimio’s IoT solutions.

Rail predictive maintenance for:

Dashboard monitoring

Our vision

Since its inception, Stimio is attached to develop rail predictive maintenance solutions through IoT to increase uptime, optimize maintenance costs, and avoid costly service disruption.

Our solutions are designed in a modular way, evolutive by nature, friendly to use and easy to deploy on the field. Served by a strong technological core that combines mechanical and software engineering, wireless telecommunications, and data analysis. Assets under surveillance are then remotely monitored, real time continuously. We predict failures, analyse abnormal behavior, and give insights to understand root causes and solve the issues.

The Stimio team are complementary experts in IoT technology with a strong focus and background from physical measurements to data analysis and we are dedicated to supporting our clients to offer them friendly decision tools and help their business to progress.

They already trust us

You too, entrust us with your project.

Tackling major railway issues

We have been working with railway operators and infrastructures managers since day 1. Understanding the challenges they face is not only part of our job, it is in our DNA. Besides a strong comprehension, we deliver with state-of-the-art end-to-end IoT solutions then answering their major needs:

Maintenance costs

Smart and well-planned maintenance with real-time and condition-based information straight to your EAM.

Operational reliability & Quality of Service

Get the most out of your rolling stock and your infrastructures with relevant insights for a continuous quality of service.


More reliable rolling stock and infrastructure lead to a safer environment for passengers, employees and workers.

Rolling stocks & infrastructures availability and reliability

Turn raw data to actionable information and deep understanding of your assets by anticipating failure-to-come.


Extend your assets’ lifetime and reduce on-field inspections to achieve growing environmentally-friendly goals.

Our solutions – Providing actionnable information

rolling stock predictive maintenance

Rolling stock real-time remote monitoring

With many years working side-by-side with rolling stocks operators and railway subsystems manufacturers, we have acquired a deep understanding of their daily challenges. Achieving much higher availability and reliability levels of rolling stock and its components is our main concern, as yours.

railway infrastructure predictive maintenance

Infrastructure & Signaling real-time remote monitoring

As rail networks around the globe continue to cope with increasing market requirements (availability, loads, sustainability…), ageing infrastructure and signalling systems, traditional manual inspections are no longer time or cost effective, even more with the decreasing personnel availability.

Our value proposition

A generic and modular software-driven sensor system with Edge-ML capabilities to address a wide range of use cases

Enriched data integration into your EAM/ IT systems

Embedded Oxygen SDK to develop your own application in minimum time

A well-proven expertise with major infrastructure managers and rolling stock operators

Oxygen Cloud combining data analytics and AI-based prediction algorithms

A Return-on-investment between 6 to 24 months.

Oxygen end-to-end general overview

oxygen iot platform predictive maintenance



IoT rail compressor monitoring solution

IoT rail compressor monitoring solution

November, 23th, 2021IoT rail compressor monitoring solution  Pneumatic circuits and their compressors are an essential component of rolling stock. They have multiple functions: opening and closing doors, engaging brakes and sandboxes, suspension management, etc....

Stimio keeps IoT monitoring on track

Stimio keeps IoT monitoring on track

November, 8th 2021Stimio keeps IoT monitoring on track  Stimio keeps IoT monitoring on track for high-value rail and utility assets with Quectel GNSS and cellular modules.   Stimio, the developer of a complete, wireless-based, end-to-end Industrial IoT solution...

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