April, 30th 2021

The Rise of IoT & Big Data in Rail 2021

Optimising smart data through harnessing the IoT for cost efficient predictive maintenance & fully optimised asset management.

Our team is attending as an exhibitor and Bronze Sponsor The Rise of IoT & Big Data in Rail.

Following on from the tremendous success of the previous two events, The Rise of IoT & Big Data in Rail has firmly established itself as the Rail industry’s first class event to gain a clear and pragmatic idea about the digital challenge, how to overcome it and what are the opportunities that currently exist to take the next steps with guarantees.

This online conference event will focus on key topics such as:

  • Effectively deploying IoT data for predictive maintenance
  • Using digital twins concepts to drive digital transformation
  • How IoT tech will bring advancements in data collection and analysis to leverage digital trends
  • Managing your assets smarter through preventive failure prediction
  • Tapping into all the opportunities that the Internet of Things makes possible

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