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Publish 16 April 2019

STIMIO introduce its new STIM-TRACK solutions, integrated with HERE tracking services

Nantes, France, April 8, 2019 – STIMIO is a specialist in the design, production and marketing of industrial IoT connected objects on the B2B market. The company is positioned in the rail, industrial logistics and utilities markets.

At SIDO 2019, STIMIO unveiled the latest developments of STIM-TRACK, its modular semi-specific hardware platform dedicated to Track & Trace, and using the HERE tracking solution as a software platform for data analysis and management.

Modular Application Platform

A year ago, STIMIO introduced STIM-MOD, a platform combining hardware and embedded software. This approach and STIMIO’s tools make it possible to develop tailor-made solutions, while maintaining very short development cycles. On this modular basis, STIMIO has developed the MAP (Modular Application Platform) concept to offer targeted business solutions that meet the needs and constraints of customers. The goal is to allow a perfect adaptation of hardware resources to application needs while accelerating software development.

STIM-TRACK consists of a range of hardware platforms (STIM-TRACK Light for first-level tracking, STIM-TRACK Accuracy for accurate indoor and outdoor geolocation and STIM-TRACK Universal for complex use cases) which are configurable and / or adaptable according to the needs of the customers.

Thus STIM-TRACK covers multiple cases of use of asset tracking, their conditions of transport and use. By supporting several short and long distance radio protocols, with a wide range of proven sensors, generic and specific Track & Trace cases are covered.

“The market for asset tracking and transport
conditions is gaining momentum as it affects innumerable use cases in almost
all industrial areas. We are convinced that our solutions perfectly meet the needs that each customer, who requires customization to deliver a solution adapted to its environment, its constraints of price, autonomy and robustness
“says David Dorval, president of STIMIO.

Collaboration with HERE Technologies, world leader in mapping and geolocation services

The success of IoT projects requires the combination of several trades and know-how: Objects, telecom, cloud, trades. It is on this belief that STIMIO builds partnerships
with recognized leaders in their areas of expertise.

We are very pleased to be working with HERE Technologies. Their solutions combined with STIM-TRACK make it possible to provide our customers with geolocalisation services that are modular and optimized for consumption, indoor and outdoor, with levels of precision established according to customer needs” explains David Dorval.

Thanks to the integration of STIMIO and HERE technologies, companies from the world of supply chain and asset monitoring benefit from a complete solution, including a completely integrated cartography combining Indoor (sites and buildings) and Outdoor , geolocation services providing the highest levels of accuracy and global coverage, trackers, a back-end capable of ingesting information from terminals, as well as solutions to make the right decisions based on the information transmitted