Our approach

STIMIO is at your disposal to take care of all or part of your IoT projects. Our goal is that the POC brings you all the decision-making elements so that you can make a secure commitment to an industrial deployment.


A generic platform ready for industrialization

In order to speed up the realization of your Proof of Concept and first prototypes, we leverage our STIM-MOD and STIM-VIZ platforms, which together, offer a turnkey solution for collecting, storing and visualizing field data.

Adapted to your needs

From the STIM-MOD platform, we develop a customized object, according to your specifications:
– box
– sensors
– communication protocols
– Suitable for your environment: IPxx, IKxx, ATEX, …

icone solutionSTIM-MOD
icone solutionCommunication


Data collection: One-stop-shop "à la carte"

Agnostic and pragmatic

According to your wishes, we can take care of data collection, in Operated or private networks, from the objects to cloud storage.

We take care of everything, or not

Deployment and configuration of objects in the field made easy thanks to our mobile applications (Tablets and smartphones).

Storage and security

Your data is sensitive and strategic, Stimio supports you implementing IT solutions with the leaders of the cloud and security


We offer tailor-made solutions to help you visualize your data where you need it


We propose a first level of user interface simple, directly exploitable.
Our specialized partners (or yours) complete our offer and build integrated information systems according to your needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Our devices have the capability to perform edge computing, balancing the processing load between objects and the Cloud. STIMIO leverage and complement the skills of its integrator partners, and AI experts to transform IoT technologies into profitability and growth drivers.

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