Aquawatch: IoT flood detection solution

Discover its use cases, its system architecture and its technical characteristics in our dedicated brochure.

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  • Optimize the safety of electricity installations
  • Limit impacts related to power cuts
  • Benefit from facilitated crisis management thanks to on-the-ground situation data
  • Improve the responsiveness of response teams and optimize their dispatch to sites on alert

ENEDIS is modernizing its MV/LV substations and electrical boxes with our IoT flood detection sensor.


The risk of flooding is present in many infrastructures.

Whether it concerns electrical transformers, gas distribution networks or railway infrastructure, utilities players must anticipate these events in order to take the appropriate measures (shutdown of certain equipment, preventive maintenance, etc.).

Aquawatch is Stimio’s flood detection solution for professionals. Our connected device measures the level and speed of rising water to the nearest centimeter.

Détection d'inondation Aquawatch