STU-C100X is an industrial grade low power autonomous device with worldwide communication coverage. Designed with modularity in mind, capable of covering multiple use cases, it is the ideal solution to real time monitor goods transport conditions and locations as well as continuously supervise remote assets health.

STU-C100X will help you to meet regulation requirements, improve quality control, mitigate the risks and create more business value.

STU-C100 X can be configured to trigger alerts and to report data on abnormal conditions STU-C100 X is designed to interface with industrial sensors as well as STIMIO’s sensor extension boards providing unprecedent measurement capabilities.

Discover its use cases, its system architecture and its technical characteristics in our dedicated brochure.

Multiple use cases

Aeronautics & Naval

Container humidity and temperature monitoring

Shock profile measurement


Industrial process digitalization

Process sensors acquisition

Environment monitoring



Sructure integrity

Leak detection

Machine monitoring

Railway track maintenance machine monitoring

Gears health monitoring