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Publish 8 January 2019

STIMIO raises 1.3 M € to accelerate its development

Nantes, France, January 8, 2019 – Stimio, a specialist in IoT B2B, is making a first round of funding of € 1.3m from CM-CIC Innovation.

STIMIO is a specialist in the design, production and marketing of IoT connected objects for the B2B market. With more than 25 employees today, the company, created in 2014, is positioned in the railway, logistics and industrial markets. It counts among its customers SNCF, LA POSTE or THALES.

STIMIO’s IoT solutions provide customers with significant gains in operational efficiency. In the railway world, for example, train maintenance is optimized thanks to on-board sensors on the rolling stock: as the trains arrive at the maintenance center, operators know in advance which equipment require special attention, saving time and money. Another example for the construction sector and the rental of equipment (for example a backhoe). STIMIO is able to provide a comprehensive set of connected objects to follow in real time the location and use of the equipment. We can then consider new business models such as with billing by use.

To achieve this, the company has designed STIM-MOD, a platform combining hardware and embedded software. This approach and STIMIO’s tools make it possible to initiate projects and develop tailor-made solutions, while maintaining very short development cycles. STIM-MOD thus shortens the field implementation of prototypes, proofs of concept and industrial deployments, without requiring end customers to have specific IoT skills.

Complementary and derived from STIM-MOD, STIMIO offers STIM-TRAIN and STIM-TRACK, complete business solutions intended respectively for the railway market and asset tracking, be it equipment (trolley, backhoe, swap bodies …), or packages for high added value goods.

A fundraising of 1.3 M €

This fundraising is essential and will allow the company to accelerate its international development, and to continue building its technological platform and improve its industrialization process.

“The B2B market is clearly the future of IoT and it requires the development of solutions and products that meet industrial requirements and advanced technologies in a modular and scalable approach,” said David Dorval, president of STIMIO. “We are very happy to have gain the CM-CIC Innovation confidence. This funding will help support the development of these technologies and enable Stimio to enter new markets whose potential and reality are jointly affirmed. ”

“From the very first exchanges, Stimio convinced us by its positioning and its technology acumen. This strategy of being a generic, agile actor who can adapt its solution to customer’s specifics, together with being specialist in some high potential, demanding sectors and use cases, allows Stimio to be part of the few actors who consider the IoT Industrial in its whole. The next phase of industrialization will testify to the success of the project. “, adds Maxence Valero, Business Manager of CM-CIC Innovation.

About Stimio

STIMIO is a specialist in the design, production and marketing of IoT connected objects for the B2B market. The company designs end-to-end IoT electronic solutions, that are adapted to customers specifics need and use cases. We bring to our customers compelling solutions that  meets their operational conditions, environmental and ROI requirements.

More information: www.stimio.fr.

About CM-CIC Innovation

CM-CIC Innovation is the subsidiary specializing in venture capital investments of CM-CIC Investissement (€ 3.0 billion in capital), and member of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale. Its goal is to invest in companies developing promising technologies. CM-CIC Innovation selects companies with strong growth potential in dynamic sectors such as information technology, telecommunications, electronics, life sciences, new materials and the environment. For more than 15 years, CM-CIC Innovation has invested – and often reinvests – its own capital to support innovative companies to their market. CM-CIC Innovation’s policy is to provide long-term capital support to innovative startups to streamline their chances of success.

More information : cmcic-investissement.com

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