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Control, visualise, extract, integrate, predict…

Meet Oxygen, your companion towards the digitalisation journey and predictive maintenance.

Combined with our railway-certified battery-powered IoT devices, Oxygen delivers everything you need in an all-in-on SaaS Platform. From device management to visualisation and prediction, Oxygen unlocks data’s potential and turn them into intelligent and actionable insights. Discover below some key features.

Manage & Control your device

View and group devices to create your fleet. Update and configure at once or in bulk. Define thresholds..

This native Oxygen’s feature provides a complete command center of your IoT devices network, enabling you to remotely control, configure, update and monitor their health and status.

Get instant alerts when devices are out-of-date, running short on battery or not communicating on the expected timeframe.



Visualise & Extract your data

Get a complete overview of your networks, moving assets, and infrastructures. Localize them on a map, filter them by fleet and display real-time data on custom widgets (line charts, histograms, line charts, etc.).

A full customization of your dashboards is allowed. Make it yours, brand it your own and finally, extract data you need in various file formats.

Real-time alerts & notifications

Oxygen lets you set alerts allowing instant reaction for your maintenance team or on-field technicians. Live-visual alerts from the platform itself, SMS messaging or even e-mail can be managed in Oxygen.

Get notified when devices’ health or status required your attention (battery, communication network issues, pending updates…) or when a predefined thresholds is reached (temperature, vibration, tank level…).

Enrich data & integrate with APIs

Oxygen Cloud is fully open to APIs. Import data from external sources to enrich data with; e.g weather forecasts, train timetables, Enterprise Asset Management data (EAMs)…

Enriched data from Oxygen can populate your IT system (e.g EAM) with relevant and actionable insights and work orders for optimized maintenance plans. Our team can also develop custom integrations to suit your needs.

Predict behaviour and failure-to-come

Leverage our Edge-ML algorithms embedded in our devices and the AI engine of Oxygen Cloud to build accurate behaviour models of your subsystems.

Let Oxygen compare, analyse and corroborate and then, get real prediction insights of your assets and prevent failure-to-come by anticipating your maintenance.

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Full plans, system architecture and features description in our dedicated brochure

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Oxygen Railway IoT Platform


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