Solutions for Industrial Logistics

Assets tracking began many years ago with satellite geolocation technologies. Road transport has quickly benefited from GPS positioning combined with GSM.

IoT technologies bring now new dimensions to assets Track & Trace.

  • It becomes possible to have an extended autonomy of the tracker, on battery (3 years +)
  • The cost of the tracker is significantly reduced, TCO is dramatically shrunk
  • Tracking inside buildings becomes possible
  • The trackers are “smart” and embeds algorithms that monitor the conditions of transport

Diversity of use cases

It remains that each manufacturer, carrier, service company must deal with various constraints in order to achieve a controlled ROI. The equation is then to find the balance between:

Price of the sensors, autonomy, size, continuity of the measurement, environmental constraints, precision of localization, precision of measurement of the conditions of transport, etc ….

STIMIO has developed a Track & Trace offer and methodology which combines tools for analysis of transport conditions, configurable generic trackers to get an optimal solution for your use case, and evolutive (typically for the optimization of battery life)


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