Solutions for the Railway market

Our approach for the railway industry

Railway transportation is facing a radical transformation. Rolling stock is modernizing. Networks are impacted by major changes. New competitors and stakeholders are appearing. Trams are becoming more and more important in our urban areas.

These actors share the same key concerns:

  • Service guarantee to the customer, with, according to the formulas, financial penalties at the end.
  • Continuous improvement of operational performance. That involves work on availability, reliability of the rolling stock and infrastructure monitoring.
  • Cost efficiency, required for operators to be able to invest..
  • Digitalization, whose potential gains are huge, but many actors don’t know where to start

STIMIO solutions enable railway stakeholders to:

  • Shorten maintenance times
  • Control maintenance costs
  • Anticipate and prevent incidents on the field

STIMIO has developed a rail-certified offer that combines miniature sensors, autonomous communicating devices and communication gateways.

This range of off-the-shelf products is already operational on trains, trams and metros, but also on rail infrastructure and network, on a large scale in France et in Europe.

RAILNODE is the generic STIMIO solution for data collection on rolling stock, trams and subways. Certified for rail usage, it allows our customers to easily connect their equipment while minimizing installation costs.


The STIM-TRAIN solution combines RAILNODE sensors and the RAILNET gateway. The latter makes it possible to build a private network in a constrained environment, in order to ensure connectivity in all circumstances.


The ISDM solution monitors the insulation of signalling cables at the track level.


In addition, our strong IoT expertise in the railway environment also allows us to develop “tailor-made” solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our references

Many players in the railway industry already trust and use our solutions


Some use cases addressed by our solutions

Connecting rolling stock

RAILNODE and RAILNET solutions address a wide range of use cases.

STIMIO has developed and produced several thousand units of SNCF’s generic IOT solution and rail gateway. This solution is used for all the French operator’s rolling stock IoT applications.

Connecting railway infrastructure

STIMIO solutions are currently being deployed, particularly in Europe, to monitor the infrastructure:

  • Frost sensor
  • Catenary voltage
  • Catenary temperature
  • Rail temperature
  • Monitoring the good health of signalling installations.


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